Values Workbook Accountability Group

Almost everything is better with friends. That’s why we’re testing out a workbook accountability group! Completing our values workbook is a LOT of work, and it can be daunting and lonely when done on your own. We want to help! We’re opening a test accountability group to keep each other accountable for the next several weeks as we all (yep, even Kara and me) complete the Values Workbook.

Since this is a test group, it’s FREE. And that includes a free copy of the workbook and some other goodies. We ask that you commit to spending the next 12 weeks on the workbook and meeting about 1x per week with the group. And, when your life is changed at the end, you tell everyone you know about this completely transformative experience. 

We know everyone is busy, so we’re going to try to strike a balance between keeping you engaged and moving through the process, but not overwhelming anyone, including us. As such, we also reserve the right to change our approach if we need to once we get going.

Want to join us? Please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!