Values Workbook


A workbook chock full of exercises to get you defining, exploring, narrowing, and practicing your values.

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Not sure where to start on your values journey? We've designed a workbook to help you define, explore, narrow down, and practice living your values. We'll walk you through several exercises that take you step-by-baby-step through figuring out WHAT you value and HOW to live those values in your daily life.

There aren't any prerequisites for the workbook, but we do recommend listening (or re-listening) to our Season 1 on values. We give a lot of context around many of the exercises in the book and having that background will hopefully make things a little easier.

This 87-page downloadable PDF is ready to print or you can work through it on your laptop or iPad. Either way you slice it, get ready to really dig into your values. Because we made the workbook, we really meant it to be a workbook. As in there's going to be a lot of work. But it's good and fun work! Promise!